New details are emerging in the IAS officer Anurag Tewari’s death case. His former colleagues have refused to believe that he committed suicide and his family members have said that Tewari was not paid from last five months!

Family members have alleged that Anurag Tewari’s salary was withheld from January after he became the officer at Food and Civil Services Department in Karnataka. Anurag was about to expose a scam, and that led to him losing his life alleged the family members.

The body of IAS officer Anurag Tewari was found outside a guest house in Lucknow on Wednesday (May 17).

Anurag was seeking monetary help from his brother Mayank from the past few months. Even his bank account has just Rs 11,000, say his family members. But so far there has been no official reaction on why the officer’s salary was withheld?

He joined as the officer of Food and Civil Service Department on January 4, but until the day of his death, he had worked only for 65 days. In between, he worked as the election officer for 13 days in Punjab. Again from March 5 to 15 he went on duty to Punjab during the counting.

New twist to the case

Colleagues of Anurag Tewari have said that he was facing threatening calls when he was the Deputy Commissioner of Bidar.

They said that Tewari has shared this information with them and had said, “I am getting threatening calls. I won’t mind even if I die. But the work should not be hampered.” Even before being transferred to Bidar, he was working as the DC of Coorg. There were rumours that he was forcefully given a transfer to Bidar due to political pressure.

His subordinates have said that Tewari was telling them that the system will not allow his to work even for a year in Bidar. Thus the officials in Bidar and people are refusing to accept that his death was natural or suicide.

Sleeping pills

Tewari said his colleagues was popping sleeping pills as he could not sleep. Continuous threat calls, pressure, transfers everything had had a toll on him, and he was forced to take sleeping pills as it had been quite some years since he could fall asleep naturally.

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