The City police cracked down on an ambulance driver who tried to hoodwink the police to pass through the heavy traffic by misusing the siren.

The arrested driver, Devaraj was apparently carrying a deadbody in the ambulance with the siren on. A passersby who noticed that the ambulance was being driven rashly in the traffic, alerted the police, who in turn stopped the ambulance in the next junction. Devaraj was taking the body of a woman to Kunigal with the beacon on, said the police. The police have seized the ambulance KA 05 AC6633, reports The New Indian Express.

Of late, there have been several instances of ambulances misusing the siren to avoid heavy traffic. As per the Motor Vehicle Act norms, ambulances cannot use siren while carrying a deadbody, or carrying relatives of patients alone or even plying empty. The police have now slapped Devaraj with IPC Section 279 for driving rash so as to endanger others' lives.

But it is nearly impossible for the traffic police to inspect all the ambulances for any violation, for every second counts for the people inside the ambulance. "We cannot ask the ambulance to stop in the traffic. However, the ambulance drivers should exercise caution and stay away from misusing the siren," Commissioner Praveen Sood told Kannada Prabha.