After Baba Ram Rahim Singh is sentenced to 20 years term, public focus has now shifted to Nityananda, the man running the Dhyana Peetha at Bidadi on the outskirts of Bengaluru, who is accused of similar sexual harassment charge. Nithyannada also has similar colourful life and strange religious practices attracting public attention for all the wrong reasons. There are much similarities between the two self-declared god men and it will not be a surprise if the sentences are also similar, if Nithyananda is convicted reports Kannada Prabha.

Nithyananda is accused of sexually exploiting women devotees who came to his ashram. In fact  the CID has already filed a lengthy FIR against him and the case is in hearing stage at the Ramanagara sessions court. But Nithyananda had refuted these charges and claimed that he had the body of a 14-year-old and that he was incapable of sex. When he was first required to undergo potency test ordered by the court, he refused and made a huge fuss. But the Supreme Court ruled that he should undergo the potency test and he gave in. The tests proved that he is capable of sexual act like any other normal man of his age. Nithyananda then alleged that he was being targeted by people with vested interest.

Nithyananda’s ashram near Bidadi called Satsanga has branches all over including in US. His followers include famous film actors and politicians. It was in 2010 November that NIthyananda’s sex tapes with film actor Ranjitha went public. It was alleged that his driver Lenin Kuruppan had a hand behind the expose. Following extreme public outrage after the sex tape scandal became public the State government registered a voluntary case and ordered CBI to investigate.

Nithyananda went into hiding in Himachal Pradesh but the CID police tracked him, arrested and brought him to Bengaluru. He was in Ramanagara jail for 52 days and managed to get bail from the HC. In 2010, a rape case was filed against him after Arathi Rao, an US citizen accused him of raping her and sexually exploiting her. Her interviews were aired by every channel and once again Nithyananda was hounded. Arathi Rao has said that after Baba Ram Rahim’s conviction, there is hope that justice will prevail in Nithyananda’s case also.  

CID has investigated into Arathi Rao’s complaint and the Rajitha tape incident and submitted the FIR to Ramanagara court. The case is under inquiry. Lenin Kuruppan said that similar to Baba Ram Rahim’s devotees, he too was hounded by Nithyananda’s followers but he did not succumb. He wishes that the inquiry will be completed soon and justice will prevail.