Bengaluru is yet to find a solution to decongest its traffic. On Wednesday, Bengaluru Traffic Police had come up with a plan to do so but it seems Karnataka home minister Dr G Parameshwar is not of the same opinion. According to him, the Bengaluru traffic is far away from getting better anytime soon.


While Bengaluru Traffic Police was confident about their plans but the reasons stated by the home minister sounds valid as well.


Here are 6 reasons why Bengaluru traffic is far from getting better according to Parameshwar:


## 1,250 two-wheelers and 428 four-wheelers get registered every day in Bengaluru. This increases the number of vehicles in the city every single day.


## The already-existing infrastructure cannot fit in more vehicles. Bengaluru may have wide roads, several flyovers, overpasses and underpasses throughout the city but more vehicles are not going to help the situation.


## Traffic management in Bengaluru is one of the worst in the country. With 67 lakh vehicles on road, the traffic management system needs to improve as well.


## Bengaluru Traffic Police is running short by 1300 personnel. At present, they only have 3400 personnel to manage the traffic.


## The drivers in the city should be more responsible when they are driving within the city limits.


## The trucks should not be allowed in the city strictly between 11 am and 4 pm.