A one-page question paper of Accountancy was doing the rounds on WhatsApp on the day of the exam. Even the questions matched the leaked question paper. But DPUE Shikha had said that the photo of the question paper being circulated was a work of miscreants.


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Here are five factors which helped the probe team to crack this case within hours of starting the operation.


1)    Barcode

For the first time, Karnataka decided to introduce barcode on the question paper. As the accused took a photo of the question paper and circulated it with the barcode, it was the first clue the probe team followed to reach the guilty.

2)    CCTV camera

Perhaps, the accused was not intelligent enough to hide from the CCTV camera and decided to just walk inside the room with question paper and click the photo. This was the second clue getting the team closer to the accused.

3)    WhatsApp message circulation

The area where the photo was first circulated was Raichur. Thus the colleges in the district were the first ones to come under the scanner. This was the third clue, which the probe team followed meticulously.

4)    Rivalry-competition

When they located the college, their doubt was cleared with the theory of rivalry. The rivalry between Kalinga College and Kalmatha College was quite famous and both the colleges did not leave any stone unturned to project their college as the best. Thus perhaps, it was their way of getting the other college in trouble.

5)    Call to the media

The main accused Siddanagouda from Kalinga College had not only circulated the photo of the question paper to the principal of his college, Mahesh Kumar but also informed the TV channel reporters that the question paper was leaked in the Kalmatha college.


Putting together all the clues, it was not difficult for the team to find out who leaked the question paper. For those who are wondering how did all this happen, here is the complete detail of the incident.


It all started when the Raichur SP, Chetan Kumar received the information about one page of the Accountancy question paper doing the rounds on WhatsApp on Monday. The examination was being held on Monday, and this one-page was leaked on the same day after the exam had started.

He immediately informed the Director of the Director, Department of Pre-University Education (DPUE), C Shikha and the Education Minister Tanveer Sait.


A probe was ordered by Shikha in the leadership of Raichur SP, Chetan. The findings have revealed that the main accused Siddanagouda was working as a part-time lecturer at Kalinga PU College in Manvi. He entered the exam hall of the SRSVS College as a flying squad member to check the question paper. While checking it, he quickly took a photo of the first page of the Accountancy question paper.

He immediately left the room and forwarded the photo through WhatsApp to the principal of the Kalinga College, Mahesh Kumar. The photo was soon sent to the Director of the Kalinga College, Sharanabasava Bettadur.

The trio circulated the message among their circles, and soon it reached the Raichur SP too. Meanwhile, the trio even contacted the TV reporters and accused their rivals Kalmatha College of leaking the question paper. Both these Kalmatha and Kalinga colleges were in competition and had rivalry about admissions.


The findings only took three hours, and a FIR was filed against the accused within 3 hours of starting the probe.


At last, all this resulted in four developments

1)    The accused were arrested

2)    Affiliation of Kalinga College in Mavi has been cancelled, however, the authorities concerned will make an alternate arrangement for the I PU students in that college

3)    Lecturers have been barred from using mobile phones inside the exam hall

4)    If students complete the examination before time, they will have to leave the question paper at their desk and can collect only after the time allotted to write the exam is over.