26 people accused in the pub attack case in Mangaluru, Karnataka, including Pramod Muthalik of Sriram Sene, have been acquitted due to a lack of proof.

The accused, supporters of the right fringe groups, had faced trial in the case, where girls were beaten up and dragged out of Amnesia-The Lounge on Balmatta Road, Mangaluru in Karnataka in 2009.

Despite the video footages of the incident, the accused were acquitted as advocates Asha Nayak, and Vinod argued for the 30 accused.

The verdict was delivered by judge Manjunath of the third JMFC Court in Mangaluru.

Chief of Sriram Sene, Pramod Muthalik, was present in the court while the verdict was read out. He told that this verdict was the victory of truth.

However, it can be remembered that the pub attack incident was criticised not only in Karnataka, but also all over India. It created a tensed situation, where it looked like all actions of girls were being watched and the girls in the city were judged for literally all of their actions.

The acquittal is surely no good news for girls in Mangaluru as they are already being attacked for one or the other reason including fake love jihad allegations, criticised for wearing western dresses, etc.