Bengaluru police have detained a man from Kerala along with three Pakistan nationals from Kumaraswamy Layout in Bengaluru on Thursday. The three Pakistan nationals have been identified as Sameera Abdul Rehman (25), Kiran Ghulam Ali (26) and Khasif Shamsuddin. Kerala man arrested has been identified as Mohammed Sihab (30).

According to the police commissioner, Sihad was working in Qatar where he befriended Sameera. They have been known each other since several months. Sihab expressed a desire to marry Sameera but her parents in Pakistan did not approve of it. But Sihab married Sameera and conspired to bring her, along with her sister and brother - Kiran and Khasif, to Bengaluru. 

He allegedly helped them to reach India without any valid documents. Primary investigations revealed that they left Karachi to reach Muscat and Khatmandu. From there, they reached Patna by road and then later to Bengaluru. In Bengaluru, they rented a house and have been living here for the past nine months. Sood also said that Sihab allegedly helped them getting fake Aadhaars and voter identification cards to establish their nationality as Indian citizens.

The police have seized the fake Aadhaars and voter IDs from them. Further investigation is on.