A girl, who was raped two years ago, has been asked to pay a ‘fine’ of Rs 20000 for societal acceptance by the leaders of her community in Ramanagara district of Karnataka. The girl’s brother has even disowned her after she was raped.


“I am helpless. The leaders are forcing me to cough up Rs 20,000 as penalty if I must be accepted into the social life of the village. The district administration should intervene to save me from my terrible plight now,” the girl was quoted as saying by the New Indian Express.  


The girl, who is facing this diktat, is just 18 years old and is a mother of a male child. She became pregnant after she was raped two years ago in Channapatna taluk. After that she was moved to a State Girls Home in Mysuru by the Child Welfare Committee. After she turned 18, she was moved to a girls home in her own district.


The rape victim has been trying to arrange the amount of Rs 20000 but she has not been able to do the needful. Therefore, she felt that the district administration should help her in this case. Even her brother has refused to help her and he also verbally abuses her ever since she has returned to her village in January.