They have been boycotted from attending social events. Their children are discriminated in schools and the restriction extends to funeral ceremonies too. Worse, men in the community are barred from offering prayers at the mosque.


Reason? These 12 families follow Davar Ali Shah of Andhra Pradesh and this has not gone down well with Jamaat-Ul-Muslimeen Noorani masjid that has imposed restrictions in the village, reports Kannada Prabha.


Despite repeated complaints to the district administration and Wakf Board, no help came through, complained the members. Unable to take it anymore, the 'ostracised' families have now approached Karwar assistant commissioner Fouzia Tarannum, who visited them recently. "My son's wedding has been scheduled for April 21 and I have made transport arrangements for my friends in villages to attend the wedding. But fearing mosque committee's wrath, they are not willing to come. Unless, the mosque committee issues an approval the marriage may not happen," feared Jainul Abedin, a resident of Tariwad, reports Deccan Herald. Another resident, Sameer Umar Khan said he had tough time in finding a bride and finally had to settle for one from Bellary, a far off district.


But Chittakula sub-inspector Umesh Pavuskar denied restriction by the mosque committee. "These 12 families had not paid their dues to masjid development for the last 20 years. Besides, the committee has no objection for members from attending their functions," he said. The members have been asked to resolve the issue through minority welfare department, reports Deccan Herald.