This comment from Digvijay Singh was an answer to Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Chauhan’s decision not to give entertainment tax exemption to the cricket board.


MP Chief Minister Shivraj Chouhan had said that he was against the idea of giving exemption to the entertainment tax for IPL matches in Mumbai.


“What is the problem in exempting IPL matches from entertainment tax? I have been told that CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan was against the idea of having cheerleaders in the IPL. People come to watch IPL matches to get entertained. So, people should be provided entertainment. What is the problem? Digvijay questioned.


“Thus, I have a suggestion... Bhajans praising Lord Rama should be played there is a boundary, sixer or a wicket falls instead of cheerleaders dancing to popular tunes,” Digvijay Singh said.


Matches will be held at Holkar Stadium at Indore in Madhya Pradesh on 8th, 10th and 20th in April.


Chouhan’s hatred towards cricket is not a new phenomenon. Every year, he has made controversial statements and has expressed his anger towards IPL. Thus it is a surprise that he allowed the matches to be held in Madhya Pradesh, this year. 


In 2012, Chouhan had called Sachin Tendulkar, money-minded

While talking about Tendulkar, he was quoted taunting the Indian batsman by saying, "I told him (Sachin) that the country looks up to him as a great man, at least he shouldn't become so money-minded (by playing in the IPL). I have decided that as long as I am here (in power), I won't let such vulgarity happen in Madhya Pradesh. It should be stopped all over the country."