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Yatnal’s goal is to target PM Modi: CM Siddaramaiah on allegations of sharing stage with ISIS supporter

Vijayapur MLA accuses Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah of ISIS links at a Muslim convention. Siddaramaiah denies, shares PM Modi's photos with Muslim clerics. Yatnal claims targeting Modi, alleging connections. Hashmi challenges investigation, demands PM's response. Yatnal faces past accusations against BJP leaders, sparking speculation due to business links with Hashmi's family.

Yatnal's goal is to target PM Modi: CM Siddaramaiah on allegations of sharing stage with ISIS supporter vkp
First Published Dec 8, 2023, 3:14 PM IST

Vijayapur MLA Basanagowda Patil Yatnal accused Chief Minister Siddaramaiah of sharing the platform with someone linked to ISIS militants at a Muslim convention in Hubli. This caused a stir nationwide and disrupted the session. Siddaramaiah countered Yatnal's claim. Photos of Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Muslim clerics were shared on Twitter X in response.

The underlying aim of Yatnal seems to be Prime Minister Modi! Despite BJP MLA Basavan Gowda Patil Yatnal accusing me of being pictured alongside Maulvi Tanveer Hashmi, it's becoming apparent that his true target is Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Media-released photos indicate connections not only with other BJP leaders but also with Narendra Modi and Maulvi Hashmi. Can one believe that Yatnal, who has been long acquainted with Hashmi and is even a neighbour, was unaware of this? This is the question posed.

I will leave the country if my link with ISIS is proven: Tanveer Hashmi challenges K’taka BJP MLA Yatnal

Yatnal is incensed because he missed securing the state BJP presidency and the Leader of the Opposition post. Maulvi has accused me of using my photo with Tanveer Hashmi as a means of revenge against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah, whom Maulvi holds responsible for Yatnal's loss. Yatnal was seemingly aware that such an allegation would prompt the revelation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's association with Maulvi. CM Tong remarked that they orchestrated this accusation game with the malicious intent of humiliating the Prime Minister and BJP leaders.

I have openly acknowledged my friendship with Maulvi Hashmi. Hashmi, in turn, has challenged the central government to initiate an investigation into the accusations against him. Now, it's Prime Minister Narendra Modi's turn to address the allegations against him. If Mauli Tanveer Hashmi is indeed associated with ISIS, the Prime Minister should promptly authorize an investigation to disclose details of Hashmi's relationship with the organization to the nation. If neither action is taken, Basavanagowda Patil Yatnal, who's making such false claims, demands that appropriate measures be taken against him.

Tanveer Hashmi hits back at BJP's Yatnal over ISIS link claim, posts 'Saare jahan se acha...' on FB

This isn't the first instance where MLA Basavanagowda Patil Yatnal has made such accusations. He previously levelled detailed accusations against Former Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa and his children. Additionally, he made a grave allegation, suggesting that one must pay two thousand crore rupees to the party's high command to become the chief minister of the BJP. What drives Basavanagowda Patil Yatnal to openly accuse the top leaders of his party in this manner? He indirectly referred to Santhosh ji, implying that it needs to be disclosed which "Jee" in the BJP is evading accountability for making such damaging allegations against such eminent figures.

According to reports in today's newspapers, it has emerged that MLA Basavanagowda Patil Yatnal holds a business relationship with Maulvi Tanveer Hashmi's family. If indeed Tanveer Hashmi is associated with the ICS as alleged by Yatnal, wouldn't Yatnal, being his business partner, have been aware of it? What could be the rationale behind Yatnal's silence? The Chief Minister has demanded via Twitter that after such a prolonged duration, the central government should investigate the motives behind making such an accusation.

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