Malappuram:  A 14-year-old girl from Malappuram, Kerala, allegedly committed suicide as she didn't have facilities to attend online classes. Online classes began for students in Kerala from June 1. 

The deceased is identified as Devika. She was a student of Government Higher Secondary School, Irimbiliyam.

Her body was found at an open place just 100 metres away from the house. A kerosene can was found next to her dead body lying on the ground. Police said the reason behind the death can only be confirmed after the inquest. 

Her parents alleged that their daughter committed suicide due to the unavailability of facilities in their house to attend online classes. They added that Devika was an intelligent student and she could not even bear the pain of losing a single class of her most important Class X. 

Her parents don't have smartphones and the television in their house was under repair.