Bengaluru: There are over 40 positive cases of coronavirus in India. Several across the nation are panic-stricken. N95 masks and hand sanitizers are in great demand to keep the virus at bay. And that isn't enough, then perhaps try Cowpathy, a cow urine sanitizer, on Amazon. We are dead serious!

If you are wondering if this may emanate foul smell, you are mistaken. The description mentions that the sanitizer wouldn't smell and that they come in two flavours - lemon and orange. That apart, the description also says that this is a pure vegan product made of distilled cow urine obtained from indigenous cows gelled with aromatic essential oil and Ganga jal to make the antiseptic Cowpathy sanitizer.

According to certain reports, sanitizers that carry a minimum of 60% alcohol are essential to get rid of microbes. But, Cowpathy is alcohol free. Thus, 'will it kill germs' is a question raised by other sections of society.

WHO had issued an advisory to wash their hands for at least twenty seconds and using powerful. There were presented as measures to avoiding coronavirus.

This product has been on Amazon since 2018. The brand gained recognition with the outbreak of coronavirus. Many , including a BJP MLA, advocated gaumutra or cow urine as the remedy for coronavirus.