After being beaten, tortured and thrown out of her home during her third pregnancy by her husband, Shagufta Shah from Lucknow has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi requesting him to end ‘triple talaq’. 


According to reports, when Shagufta refused to abort her third child, her husband ‘disowned’ her. She alleged that Shamshad Sayeed, her husband, demanded that she abort the child fearing that after two daughters the third child might also be a girl. 


When Shagufta refused, he tortured her, beat her and also threw her out of the home before serving a ‘triple talaq’.  





The helpless woman then got some assistance from the police and decided to write to the Prime Minister of India. Apart from writing about her ordeal, Shagufta also urged the PM to abolish this ‘evil Islamic tradition’.  


The resident of Saharanpur reportedly got inspired by Atiya Sabri, another resident from Saharanpur. Shagufta said that “I voted for him, I hope now I get justice.” 


Copies of the letter have also been directed to Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath, the National Commission for Women, and District Magistrate. 


The Sharia law practice of ‘triple talaq’ has been abolished in many Islamic countries including Pakistan; however, it is still prevalent in India.