New Delhi: The Tihar Jail administration has written to all the four death row convicts in the Nirbhaya gangrape and murder case in connection with their last meeting with their families, an official said.

 Out of the four convicts, Mukesh and Pawan have been told that they had already met their families before the February 1 death warrant, while Akshay and Vinay have now been asked when they want to meet their families, the Tihar Jail official said.

 So far, letter has been written to the convicts only.
 During normal meetings, inmates meet their families through window, in the last meeting, they are allowed to meet their families face-to-face.

 Meanwhile, the Tihar Jail administration has also written a letter to the Uttar Pradesh Jail administration to send the hangman two days before March 3, when the four convicts will be hanged, the jail official said.
 The official further shared, that jail administration is monitoring Vinay more after he attempted to hurt himself by banging his head against a wall in his cell on February 16. Vinay's behaviour has changed the most, the official added.

Meanwhile,  one of the four death row convicts -- Pawan Gupta -- whose legal remedies are still pending, refused to meet legal aid counsel Ravi Qazi in Tihar Jail. Advocate Ravi Qazi, who was appointed by the court to represent Pawan Gupta, went to Tihar Jail on February 19 where he was informed by the jail authorities that the convict has refused to meet him. Pawan is the only convict among the four who has not yet filed the curative petition and other legal remedies available to him.