Sutlej-Yamuna River dispute


Haryana became separate state, as it got bifurcated from Punjab in 1966. At that time there was an agreement between Punjab-Haryana with regard to sharing of Sutlej river water. But the construction work of canal between the two states was withheld in 1990 due to some political reasons. Thereafter, Supreme Court had issued an order to Punjab, in this matter, but Punjab has not bothered to adhere to SC’s order so far.

Krishna River dispute

(Telangana-neighbouring states)

Telangana, the newly formed state has appealed the Central Water Tribunal to solve the dispute of Krishna River between it and Andhra, Karnataka and Maharashtra. But Karnataka and Maharashtra have raised their objections. It is contended that as per Andhra Pradesh Bifurcation Act, Telangana should take its share of the Krishna River water out of the total quantum allotted to Andhra Pradesh originally.

Godavari Dispute

Odisha- Chhattisgarh-Andhra Pradesh

The Polavaram Multi-purpose Reservoir being constructed across Godavari in Andhra Pradesh is being opposed by Odisha and Chhattisgarh contending that 10,000 villages of both states would be submerged owing to construction of reservoir. But Andhra Government had denied this point. Case is pending in Supreme Court.

Mahanadi Dispute

Odisha- Chhattisgarh

Odisha alleged that Chhattisgarh governance is taking away its share of water from Hirakud Reservoir by constructing dams across Mahanadi River. This 4-decade-old river water issue has now become a point of contention between Naveen Patnaik CM of Odisha and BJP government of Chhattisgarh.

Siruvani Dispute

Tamil Nadu – Kerala

Tamil Nadu has been opposing construction of dam across Siruvani river at Attapadi, by Kerala. Tamil Nadu contends that it would pose problem by creating scarcity of drinking water to Coimbatore city and irrigation projects of its three districts. But as per agreement, Kerala could utilize its share of six TMC of water.