The small township of Jaipur, the country of pictures located very near to Kolkata, calls for a weekend gateway trip

One must visit this wonderful country of pictures. Walls feel like hand-drawn. You can’t believe unless you see it for yourself. People from faraway places commute to this beauty.

Absolutely brilliant is this country of pictures, Jaipur!

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Cross Bhandarhati, and then on your right, and that’s it. You will land in this beautiful place. The place marks a distinct area in the Dhaniyakhali block of Hooghly district. The place fills you with inner peace the moment you enter the place.

As soon as you enter the village, you will see the picture of Radhakrishna on the wall of a house, listening to folk songs. The whole village is painted with different designs. One can find the beauty of life by watching those pictures drawn on the walls of the village. A man living in this village is the one who paints all these beautiful pictures. His name is Atanu Ghosh. He goes to different places in rural Bengal to paint.

The lockdown, which began in late March, was the time when Atanu thought of decorating his entire village. Atanu is a well-known artist in Jaipur. He also teaches in a private English medium school. Atanu taught art to countless students at home without charging a penny. Amid lockdown, the artist thought to paint his village and make it look beautiful.

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Atanu Ghosh said, “There was no work to do during the time of lockdown. I had a lot of painting colors with me. Suddenly, the idea of painting the whole village came into my mind. At first, the villagers allowed me to paint the exterior walls of the houses. Within two months, I painted the village with watercolors. From children to adults in the village, everyone helped me in my work.”

At present, people come from far and wide to see this village. The villagers are also very happy with Atanu’s initiative. Everyone in the village respects Atanu a lot. The village looks very beautiful. The work is highly appreciated by everyone. So, those who love art can visit this village on weekends.