Kolkata: Violence has erupted across the Barrackpore industrial area following the assassination of BJP leader Manish Shukla. According to sources, the law and order in the industrial area have gone out of control since the assassination of Manish. BJP workers and supporters clashed with police at various places. In such a situation, the Trinamool Congress is going to hold a peace procession in Barrackpore on Friday (October 9).

The announcement of the peace procession was made by North 24 Parganas District Trinamool Congress president and state food minister Jyotipriya Mallick on Thursday (October 8) evening. However, getting to know about the peace procession, Barrackpore MP Arjun Singh said that they would hold a candlelight procession on the same day (October 9).

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Jyotipriya Mallick said on Thursday (October 8) night that there is a growing concern over the political violence that is spreading in the Barrackpore industrial area, especially in the Titagarh municipality. Jyotipriya held a meeting at the Trinamool Congress-run Titagarh municipality on the same day. In the meeting, there was a discussion of peace procession and the deterioration of law and order in the Barrackpore industrial area.

After finishing the meeting, Jyotipriya pointed finger at the BJP for deteriorating law and order in the area. He alleged that the political violence that was earlier confined to Bhatpara and some adjoining areas has now spread to Barrackpore and Titagarh.

Jyotipriya Mallick said, “When there is so much violence in Barrackpore industrial area and Titagarh, the Trinamool Congress wants to create an atmosphere of peace in the area by holding a peace procession.”

However, BJP MP from Barrackpore, Arjun Singh did not pay any heed to Jyotipriya's message of peace. He said that the CBI is probing the murder case of Manish Shukla. Arjun believes that all the culprits who were involved in the murder of Manish Shukla will be caught soon.

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Arjun Singh even slammed Firhad Hamik, Jyotipriya Mallick, and Nantu Ghosh for their politics of violence and murder in the Barrackpore industrial area. He also alleged that Jyotipriya was spending all his money to create unrest in the area.

Arjun Singh said, “The BJP would hold a candlelight procession from Barrackpore to Titagarh where Manish was shot. There would be at least 1,500 people in the procession.”

Dilip Ghosh, Arjun Singh, Nishith Pramanik and Tejaswi Surya visited the house of BJP leader Manish Shukla on Thursday (October 8) night. Dilip Ghosh conversed with Manish’s parents. After coming out of the house, Dilip strongly criticized the police for the law and order situation in the state. He also complained that the administration has turned to be a slave of the ruling party in the state.

Dilip became more enraged when he heard about the Trinamool Congress peace procession. He said, “115 members of my party have been killed so far. From BJP MLAs to councilors, everyone is there in the list. BJP believes in democracy. People will respond very soon.”

The Manish Shukla assassination has naturally created a stir in state politics. The BJP is vocal about the murder. One of the reasons for the BJP’s Nabanna campaign was the killing of Manish Shukla. It is feared that political instability will be created in the state as the Assembly Elections is approaching. In the upcoming days, the BJP will intensify its political agenda against the ruling party of the state.