The tragic death of avid biker and motivational speaker Sana Iqbal has left a void in the biker community. It was earlier reported that Sana died in a car accident while driving with her husband Nadeem.

However, her family has alleged that she was murdered.

At 27, Sana was suffering from depression and went on her first solo ride to Gujarat in the hopes of dying under the wheels of some truck or ram into a divider or fall off a cliff.

However, instead of finding death, she found peace and a reason to live for, with the help of her trusty Bullet Electra 350 CC of course.

But Sana was being both mentally and physically abused by her husband Nadeem and his relatives if Sana’s family is to be believed.

Speaking to Deccan Chronicle, Sana’s mother Shaheen Khan, an advocate, claimed that she was never happy with the marriage as Sana’s troubles appeared to grow every day right from the beginning.

Her mother said that the couple had been together only for a short period and since then she had been staying with her mother. “Nobody took good care of her. Every day was a torture for her. On Saturday, she told me to get her out of the hell, but as I was travelling to Chennai, I told her I would settle the issue after coming back.”

Sana’s family claimed that she had earlier lodged a complaint with Humayun Nagar Police.

Now, a final message allegedly written by Sana is doing rounds of social media.

The message spoke of the ordeal that she had to go through. It spoke of how Nadeem would often threaten Sana’s mother and sister at odd hours and how the police did almost nothing even after registering a complaint.

It said how Nadeem beat her up on the streets when she dropped their son at his home.

Sana’s alleged message finally said that if she died of anything caused by shock, Nadeem and his mother is to be blamed.

Read the text below: