Prayagraj: If you are stuck at home during lockdown and you are unable to visit the ATM amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, you can get cash delivered at your doorstep.

India Post Payments Bank, a subsidiary of department of posts, is delivering cash up to Rs 10,000 at Prayagraj residents’ doorstep. Requests for cash deliveries have increased ever since the nationwide lockdown was enforced.

“With this facility, people wouldn’t have to queue up at ATM booths, post offices or banks to withdraw cash and at the same time they will remain safe from novel coronavirus,” said director of posts Sanjay D Akhade.

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For availing this facility, a person need not have an account with IPPB or a post office. One only needs to have their bank accounts linked with their Aadhaar and mobile number to avail the facility. People can get a maximum of Rs 10,000 delivered at their doorstep.

“The postal staff will observe all safety measures like wearing masks while delivering the money,” Akhade added.

Although the service was launched last year, cash up to Rs 50 lakh has been disbursed to customers since the lockdown was enforced on March 24.