Jaipur: The Rajasthan Cabinet on July 28 discussed the points raised by Governor Kalraj Mishra for calling the State Assembly session and said it is sticking to its demand for holding the session from July 31.

Transport minister Pratap Singh said a discussion was held for the reply to be sent regarding the three points raised by the Governor.

"The Cabinet wants the Assembly session from July 31. The proposal which was sent earlier for calling the session is our legal right and we are sending it again to the Governor," he told reporters.

"The Governor's questions are simple and we discussed their reply. He has no right to be raising queries, yet we are replying," he said.

Singh also said that the government wants no confrontation with the Governor and hoped Mishra will now accept the Cabinet’s proposal for calling the session.

"We want permission to call the Assembly session which is our right. We do not want any confrontation with the Governor. If he does not accept this now, then it is clear that there is no Constitution in the country," he said.

On the issue of 21-day notice required for calling the session, the minister said that 10 days have already passed, and asked why the governor did not give a date if he is talking about the notice.

He said that if the Governor rejects the proposals now, the further course of action will be decided.

"We have no competition with the Governor, he is the head of our family," Singh said.

When asked about the agenda of the session, he said that it is for the Business Advisory Committee of the assembly to decide.

Regarding seating arrangement as per social distancing norms in the assembly, the minister said that it was for the speaker to look after.

Targeting the BJP, the minister said that the party has made it a prestige issue.

"They want to topple the state government and have made it a prestige issue," he said.

"The BJP stands exposed. They are changing their statements," he said.

After Rajasthan, the minister said the party wants to target West Bengal, Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh.

The Rajasthan governor has returned Cabinet recommendations for calling the Assembly session twice with few points.

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