Jhunjhunu (Rajasthan): After his married daughter eloped with her lover, her father hacked two people to death in Rajasthan’s Jhunjhunu. According to reports, one person he killed was the brother of the man with whom his daughter had run away.

The deceased are identified as Deepak Kumar (20) and his friend Naresh Kumar (19). The incident happened when the duo was sleeping on the terrace of Deepak’s house. The incident came to light after Deepak's father Rajveer saw the bodies stained with blood.

Rajveer immediately informed police about the incident. Police rushed to the spot and the axe used for the murder was recovered a few metres away from scene of the crime.

Police told the media that the accused Anil Jat came from Haryana on a bike to Rajasthan. After his bike broke down, Anil walked till Rajveer’s house and killed both the young men sleeping on the roof. While fleeing the spot the axe fell at some distance from his hand.

While questioning Anil, he said once he is released from police custody he would kill his daughter and her lover too.

The deceased duo wanted to get into the armed forces and were preparing for that.