Bengaluru: The capital city of Karnataka had some relief from the scorching sun as the sky opened up to bring 0.9 mm rainfall on Friday night.

According to officers at the Indian Meteorological Department, Bengaluru received 0.9 mm rainfall and HAL old Airport area witnessed 3.5 mm rainfall.

Predicting the weather for the next two days, the department indicated further rains and cloudy weather. "For 48 hours, rain with thundershowers likely to occur at isolated places over south interior Karnataka. Dry weather likely to prevail over coastal Karnataka and north interior Karnataka," said the bulletin.

The officer at the Indian Meteorological Department said that Bengaluru used to witness rains even if the temperature touched 30-degree Celsius during summer some 20 years ago.

"This is purely a local phenomenon, but now due to growing urbanisation and globalisation, the weather pattern is getting impacted," said the officer.