If implemented, the Railways' latest plan will allow one to order even fast food items by using an App from their smartphones. Even franchise dishes like KFC chicken and Dominos pizza can be ordered on running trains.

This new service, part of the 'modernization' drive by the railways is in collaboration with Internet major Google. Naturally, the upgrades also include free WiFi. 

Google authorities revealed that by end of the current year, the online service would be provided in 100 railway stations across India. In total Google wants to bring around 400 railway stations under its network.

The novel service has already been initiated at the Mathura Railway Station and is soon planned for other stations as well.

The idea will be implemented through a 'Base Kitchen', that will be set up in all major railway stations and companies will be roped in to provide quality items to railway commuters, Anil Kumar Saxena, spokesperson for Railway Ministry, stated.