The Centre, which is closely monitoring the situation in the Kashmir valley, is of the view that while people had a right to peaceful protests, any violation of the law would have to be dealt with firmly.


Highly-placed sources here said today that the duly-elected government in the state has to be backed in its efforts to enforce law and order.


Expressing the Centre's resolve to deal firmly with militancy, the source said that if a mob attacks security personnel, it would have to be addressed accordingly.


They said there was definitive information about the presence of Hizbul commander Burhan Wani and two others in a Pulwama village and in the ensuing encounter they were killed last week.


Asked about the possibility of a dialogue with separatists such as Hurriyat, the source replied that the day they (Hurriyat) are independent and have the autonomy of decision making without any fear. "we can talk to them".


The sources suggested that Hurriyat leaders were under the influence of Pakistan and were also speaking out of fear factor.


They said things in the valley should be viewed dispassionately without projection of any persona. The theory that eliminating a high-profile militant would have consequences and should be avoided while low-profile militants could be eliminated was wrong, they felt.


Also, security forces could not be expected to keep quiet when attacked and police stations and army posts being burnt.


They attack only as a retaliatory action; they explained adding that cannot be called excessive use of force.