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Parliament Security Breach: Delhi Police makes startling revelations

Delhi Police revealed details about the alleged "mastermind," Lalit Jha, and his co-accused's plot to create "anarchy" through a major security breach at Parliament. The group aimed to force the government to meet their demands, leading to the arrest of five individuals involved in the breach

Parliament Security Breach: Delhi Police makes startling revelations
First Published Dec 16, 2023, 10:12 AM IST

Delhi Police has revealed startling details about the alleged "mastermind" -- Lalit Jha -- behind the recent security breach at Parliament. The accused, along with his co-conspirators, aimed to create 'anarchy' in the country to force the government to meet their demands, as disclosed by the police. Five individuals have been apprehended in connection with the major security breach involving smoke bombs and protests. Sagar Sharma and Manoranjan D were arrested inside the Lok Sabha chamber, while Neelam Devi and Amol Shinde were detained outside the Parliament building.

Lalit Jha, a resident of Bihar and former Kolkata-based teacher, has been placed in seven-day police custody. Police officials informed the Patiala House court that Jha confessed to planning the Parliament security breach in multiple meetings with his accomplices.

Jha, currently under interrogation, will also be probed for potential links with an enemy country or terrorist organization. He is set to revisit Rajasthan to retrace his steps after the incident, where he allegedly disposed of his phone and destroyed others used in the breach.

The police plan to approach Parliament seeking permission to recreate the crime scene inside and outside the House. Jha claimed "unemployment" as a motive, but the police suspect a larger conspiracy with possible foreign funding. They are also searching for the footwear designer responsible for crafting shoes concealing smoke canisters used in the breach.

Parliament's CCTV footage is undergoing meticulous scrutiny, while mobile phone data around the scene is collected for leads. The police suspect a 'Plan B' in case the initial plot failed.

Jha disclosed during interrogation that the group aimed to create anarchy to compel the government to meet their demands. The accused were charged under the stringent anti-terror law UAPA for smuggling smoke canisters into the Lok Sabha chamber and spraying coloured gas outside.

The FIR details a well-planned operation involving concealed smoke canisters, specially crafted shoes with hidden compartments, and slogans on pamphlets related to the Manipur violence issue. Investigators also revealed that the group initially considered setting themselves ablaze outside Parliament to garner media attention but abandoned the plan.

The group's ultimate goal, as disclosed by key accused Sagar Sharma, was to attract media attention and form a political party, as they believed it was the only way to express their views without aligning with existing political ideologies.

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