The US Republican presidential probable Donald Trump might be amused that his birthday is being celebrated with pomp about 14,000 km away, in India. 


A right-wing fringe group Hindu Sena is celebrating the real estate mogul Trump's birthday today. Posters are out which states that the group will host a grand party at New Delhi’s Jantar Mantar.   


The colourful poster state, “Join us and let’s celebrate the birthday of the saviour of humanity, the Republican Presidential Nominee of the United States of America”.



According to a report, the Sena president Vishnu Gupta said that a seven kg cake would be cut to mark Trump’s birthday.


“We are celebrating his special day, despite the recent tragedy in Orlando because, he is taking a stand against Islamic terror and that is very important to India, as we have been plagued by this kind of terrorism. Only one man can save us all from this epidemic, and that is him. I pray that he wins with a heavy majority and fulfils his promise of wiping Islamic terror off the face of the earth,” Gupta is quoted by the report.


In May this year, the same group had organised a havan, praying for Trump victory in the Presidential race.


Click here to watch the havan video


Trump’s presidential campaign has focussed on a ban on Muslim immigration, surveillance on Muslims in the US and take more decisive action to tackle Islamist terrorism.