Gurugram: 7-yr-old boy's throat slit in school toilet, bus conductor confesses to crime

First Published 9, Sep 2017, 9:49 AM IST
Gurugram 7 year old boy brutally murdered in school toilet Police claim sexual assault
  • The boy had reportedly tried to scream when his attacker slit his throat.
  • Bus conductor confesses to sodomy and slitting the boy's throat
  • The boy was found in a pool of blood in a toilet in his school and a knife with blood stains on it was found lying on the floor
  • The principal has been suspended 

In a horrifying incident in Gurugram, a 7-year-old boy was found brutally murdered in his school toilet. His throat was slit and he was found lying in a pool of blood by school authorities. Varun Thakur was dropped to Ryan International School by his father in the morning. In an hour, Thakur received a call from the school that his son was found  lying in the toilet and that they were taking him to the hospital. The school authorities further instructed Varun's father to reach the hospital.

However, Varun breathed his last before reaching the hospital. "They said that my son was found inside the toilet, bleeding heavily and that they were taking him to the hospital," said the grieved father. Apparently, his throat had been slit and a knife with blood stains on it was found lying on the floor. 

Police, after detaining 10 people pertaining to the case, zeroed in on a bus staff Ashok Kumar, a resident of Ghamroj village, after two students spotted him walking down a corridor. After being grilled by the investigation team, he confessed to the crime.  Ashok is believed to have confessed to the police that he tried to sodomise the boy before murdering him.

The police claimed to have cracked the case hours after the gruesome murder with the arrest of Ashok Kumar, one of the school's bus conductors. Sumit Kuhar, DCP Crime, Gurgaon, said the alleged killer had also tried to sodomise the Class 2 student. "But when the student resisted and cried, he killed him and fled after leaving the knife behind," the DCP claimed.

Meanwhile, speaking to the media, Varun's father who works as a quality manager in a private firm, said, "With what belief do we send our children to school if they get murdered there."Further blaming the school authorities, he said, "They (school authorities) did not take care of my son. Had they taken him to the hospital on time, his life could have been saved.”

Recalling what the doctors told him, Thakur said, “They cut my poor boy. The doctors told me the killer stabbed him twice. There was a big scar starting from his ear to the throat. His ear had been cut, and two flaps of skin exposed the insides of his throat. I never thought I would see my son in such a condition."

He had not received the body of his son as he did not want his wife and daughter to bear the shock of it alone. He first wanted his mother to come down from Patna. Meanwhile, it is said that the bus conductor was allowed to use the bathroom. Meanwhile, Neerja Batra, the school head said, "There are many times when we undertake surprise checks. This was an unfortunate incident and we are cooperating with the police. We want the culprits to be brought to justice."

What's shocking is that the little boy never used the school bus to travel. Ashok managed to bring a knife into the school compound because he knew the guards at the gate would not frisk him. He was a known face. He is even believed to have helped take the dead boy out of the washroom and send him to the hospital. 

As the news circulated over social media, concerned parents assembled at the campus and reported to have barged into the building and destroyed furniture. Protests have already begin against the school and the father even visited the police to file a complaint against the school management over gross negligence. The Principal of the school Neerja Batra has been suspended and action against the security agency in the school will also be taken.