Mumbai: Former Bollywood actress Sana Khan who was recently making waves for quitting Bollywood, is now once again grabbing headlines. 

The former actress whose busy showbiz life, late mornings, attending parties, movie promotions kept her schedule busy, is now a woman who immerses herself in devotion to the God.

The complete change shows her involvement in Islam and it's teaching. 


In a recent video, the former actress was seen talking about how she wakes up at 3 am and gets ready for a prayer called 'Tahajjud'. 

The diva said that by waking up early she is attempting to seek God's mercy and attention. 

As per beliefs among Muslims, a pious Muslim wakes up early and seeks repentance from God and blessings to follow the path that will lead them onto good and kindness and life away from sins. 

Sana Khan has been a part of Salman Khan starrer Jai Ho and also has done a handful of South Indian films. The former actress was also a Big Boss contestant. 

Few weeks ago, she took to social media to announce her decision to quit the glamourous industry and asked the industry not to contact anymore her for entertainment or showbiz purpose.