Kolkata: Mahalaya is celebrated at the end of Shradh or Pitru Paksha, a 16-day period when Hindus pay homage to their ancestors. This year it was observed on September 17.

Meanwhile, a lot of Padma Hilsa(fish) from Bangladesh has already reached Kolkata. However, the price of Hilsa has gone high. But the people of Kolkata are not bothered by the high price. It seems that everyone is excited to bring Hilsa to their homes on the day of Mahalaya.

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Hilsa is sold at Lake Market in Kolkata on Thursday (September 17) at Rs 1,400. The large Hilsa was sold at Rs 2,000 per kg. According to reports, 600 kg of Hilsa has already arrived in the lake market. Out of which, 80 percent of Hilsa has been sold by Wednesday (September 16) morning.

The fish sellers expect that all the Hilsa fish will be sold out on the day of Mahalaya. Although the price of Hilsa fish is high, the Bengalis are ready to make the expenditure for a bite of the delicious Hilsa.

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Incidentally, after about 8 years, the Hilsa has reached the Kolkata market from Bangladesh. Hilsa export had been banned in Bangladesh since 2012.

After crossing Petropole, 20 tons of Hilsa has entered the Kolkata market in the first phase. However, the Sheikh Hasina government of Bangladesh has given permission to export a total of 1,450 tons of fresh Hilsa to West Bengal.

The Bangladesh government has given special opportunities to Hilsa traders. This year (2020), a lot of Hilsa has come up in the Padma, Jamuna seas. Of this, 1,450 tons of fresh Padma Hilsa will reach Kolkata by October.