An accident took place in East Midnapore in which five tourists from Kolkata were severely injured in a road accident on Midnapore national highway. They have been admitted to hospital.

The disastrous accident took place on the Digha-Nandakumar 116B National Highway in East Midnapore. Five people were returning to Kolkata by car from Mandarmani on Sunday night.

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Suddenly, a dumper collided head-on with the car on the Mecheda-Kanthi bypass. The car loaded with tourists ended up being mangled by the dumper. Locals spotted the incident and immediately informed police.

Officials from Kanthi Police Station rescued the five tourists with serious injuries and admitted them to hospital. The accident caused a severe traffic jam on 116B National Highway at night. Police reached the spot and brought the situation under control.

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The car and the dumper involved in the accident have been taken to the police station. Police found that the injured tourists are residents of Kolkata. They went to visit Mandarmani by car.