"Dear Fair and Lovely I want you to shut down before 15th August 2017 so, you have to go! #LetsUncolour #iAmNewIndia (sic)." – Ram Subramanian, an activist and an ad filmmaker, shared a video on his Facebook page (Voice of Ram) and the above-mentioned message was loud and clear.


India is one nation where people still tend to lose their mind over colour, caste and creed, especially the first one. India’s undying obsession with colour and fairness is actually shocking.


"I am a South Indian and I come from a middle-class home where like most south Indian middle-class homes there was a dressing table with one tube of face cream for everyone in the family. And that cream was Fair & Lovely," Ram said.


According to Ram, Fair & Lovely has been “denting the confidence” of many dark-skinned people with their ads over a long period of time. It also confuses racism and colourism at the same time and that is something which has disappointed not only Ram, but many other people residing in this nation.


Listen to what Ram has to say: