Technology can do wonders in these days, as a family from Handia in Uttar Pradesh just found out. 

Five years after their autistic son went missing, the Soni family erupted in joy when they were informed that he had been traced to a child welfare centre in Goalpara, Assam.

13 years old Som Suri's emotional reunion with his parents was made possible by 'Darpan', the facial recognition tool of the Telangana Police. 

Tweeting about the emotional reunion, Additional DGP (Women Safety) Swati Lakra later explained Darpan's functionality. 

She was quoted by the Indian Express newspaper as saying, "We collect data (photographs of missing children), from FIRs registered across the country and from Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems, and also from track the child portal. These are about the photographs of missing children. On the other side, we get photographs of traced children from the track the child portal, from the child care institutions across the country, and the women and child welfare department. The software runs and matches the missing and traced children. It gives three-four options."

So far, Darpan has successfully re-united 23 children with their families.