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Explained: What is PETA's beef with animal-themed merry-go-rounds?

Animal rights organization PETA calls for an end to the production and sale of animal-themed carousels by Chance Rides, a major amusement ride manufacturer in Kansas. PETA argues that such carousels promote the exploitation of animals and urges the company to adopt designs featuring vehicles and whimsical objects instead

Explained What is PETA's beef with animal-themed merry-go-rounds?
First Published Feb 8, 2024, 10:08 AM IST

Animal rights organization, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), has launched a campaign urging Chance Rides, the largest amusement ride manufacturer in Kansas, to halt the production and sale of animal-themed carousels. PETA President Ingrid Newkirk emphasized the importance of instilling compassion and respect for all living beings in children. Newkirk stated, "Children learn through play, and teaching them to have respect and compassion for all living, feeling beings can help create a more just and merciful world."

In their press release, PETA argued that animal-themed merry-go-rounds promote the exploitation of animals. The organization urged Aaron Landrum, the president and CEO of Chance Rides, to transition away from animal-themed carousels and instead produce figures shaped like cars, airplanes, spaceships, bulldozers, and other vehicles. Newkirk highlighted that such designs would engage children's imagination while showcasing human talent.

"PETA urges Chance Rides and all other carousel manufacturers to hit the brakes on old-fashioned animal-themed rides and embrace designs that engage children’s imagination and showcase human talent," Newkirk asserted.

Furthermore, PETA underscored that animal-themed carousels perpetuate the notion that animals are mere commodities for human amusement. The organization's letter to Aaron Landrum emphasized the evolving understanding of animals and the unintentional celebration of animal exploitation through such rides.

"Times change and our understanding of animals has greatly evolved over the past few decades. Animal-themed carousels unintentionally celebrate the exploitation of sentient beings," the letter stated.

PETA highlighted the mistreatment endured by animals used in entertainment, citing confinement, servitude, and instances of abuse. They referenced a recent investigation by PETA Asia revealing the mistreatment of camels in Egypt, further underscoring the suffering endured by animals used for entertainment purposes.

In conclusion, PETA urged Chance Rides to pledge to cease the production of animal-themed carousels, emphasizing the need to recognize animals as sentient beings deserving of respect and compassion.

This initiative by PETA marks a significant push for ethical considerations in the amusement ride industry, calling attention to the treatment of animals in entertainment settings. Chance Rides' response to PETA's campaign remains awaited as discussions surrounding animal rights continue to gain momentum globally.

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