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Daring viral video: Woman skips rope while riding a bicycle; leaves internet divided (WATCH)

The article discusses a viral video showcasing a woman's daring stunt, riding a bicycle while skipping rope, and the divided reactions it has received on the internet.

Daring viral video: Woman skips rope while riding a bicycle; leaves internet divided (WATCH) snt
First Published Oct 18, 2023, 3:40 PM IST

The internet occasionally witnesses videos of individuals daring risky stunts, driven either by natural ability, the pursuit of adrenaline, or the desire for online stardom. Recently, a video featuring a woman executing a dangerous feat has gone viral. In this footage, she is observed riding a bicycle while simultaneously using a skipping rope.

The video was initially shared by a user named Bushra. In it, a woman attired in traditional clothing can be seen pedaling a bicycle. After a few moments, she takes out a skipping rope and begins to use it, all while maintaining her balance on the bicycle. This risky performance continues until the end of the video.

The caption accompanying the video reads, "Skipping in my style." Since its posting on October 7, the video has garnered significant attention, accumulating 2.3 lakh views and an impressive 3.6 million views. The woman's display of coordination and balance skills left her Instagram followers in awe, and they flooded the comments section with heart and love emojis.

While many users praised her abilities, others expressed concerns about her safety. Some of the comments included remarks such as "India's got talent" and "Super," while others advised caution, stating, "This is very risky, sister" and "Sister, don't take so much risk." One user questioned where she acquired such talent, while another simply commented "Amazing."

The woman behind this daring performance has a substantial following on her Instagram profile, boasting 1.2 million followers on the Meta-owned platform. She describes herself as a "Self-taught Dance Artist" and regularly shares videos featuring dancing and bicycle riding.

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