The central leaders of the BJP are holding meetings in various parts of West Bengal from Delhi. The seven central leaders appointed by Union home minister Amit Shah is holding several meetings in the state. One of the seven leaders is Union Minister Sanjeev Kumar Balyan. On Monday (January 11), he visited Murshidabad. Going there, he challenged the Trinamool Congress.

Union Minister of State for Fisheries Sanjeev Kumar Balyan arrived at the town of Lalgola in West Bengal on a surprise visit on Monday. Challenging the Chief Minister, he said, "In two months, the Trinamool government will be wiped out from the state.”

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“The Centre is keeping an eye on Murshidabad. Starting from the cattle smuggling syndicate, the people associated with it will be pulled out one by one and the curtains will be drawn," he added.

The Union Minister visited various villages in Murshidabad and met the people. He spoke about several projects of the central government to win the hearts of the people of Muslim. He asked the residents if they are benefited from the Centre’s projects. He distributed leaflets of the central government's public welfare program. 

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Meanwhile, Sanjeev Kumar Balyan lashed out at the state government for torturing the BJP workers in the state. Later, while answering the questions of the reporters, Mr. Balyan said, “The Trinamool government has established a syndicate rule in the state. In two months, the people will overthrow this government. And the BJP will bring peace to the people of Murshidabad on the border with development.”