Kasaragod: 16-year-old Annmary was killed with poisoned ice cream. Kerala Police stated that it was Annmary 's brother Albin who poisoned the ice cream.

Due to vomiting and other physical discomforts, Annmary was hospitalised. Later she was diagnosed with jaundice while in hospital. On August 5, Annmary's condition worsened and she succumbed.

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On the next day, her parents were also hospitalised due to vomiting. After check-up doctors found that the three had consumed ice cream which was poisoned. Albin also reported discomfort but as per medical tests his health condition was stable. 

As police began investigation, they found that only Albin was not affected among family members. This led to the suspicion that Albin was behind the poisoned ice cream and he was taken into custody where he was questioned by police.

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Police added that 22-year-old Albin confessed to the crime. He also informed police that he committed the crime as the family was against his relationship.