Lucknow: Steadfast about getting hitched and undeterred by the travel ban in the wake of coronavirus outbreak, a groom in Mauritius and bride in Uttar Pradesh exchange wedding vows through video call.

The groom could not reach the country from Mauritius due to the travel ban. The bride in Uttar Pradesh's Shahjahanpur district, about 175 kilometres from Lucknow, took the wedding vows virtually.

According to reports, the wedding of Tausif Khan, an engineer in Mauritius and a resident of Shahjahanpur town was fixed with Parveen, also a resident of the same district. The marriage was scheduled for March 19. The families of the bride and groom performed all rituals of Nikah through video call.  

Tausif, however, came to know that his flight to India had been cancelled owing to the travel ban in the wake of coronavirus outbreak. He expressed his inability to reach the town for the wedding and requested families to defer the date.

Therefore, the people of both the families decided to have the wedding done with all rituals even in the absence of the groom.

''We decided that the 'nikah' (wedding) would be through video call, the priests also gave their assent,'' said Tausif's father, a report by Deccan Herald stated.

The groom’s family reached the bride's home on the due date without the groom.

A video call was made to Tausif and two exchanged wedding vows in the presence of witnesses and priests at both places. There was a loud cheer, when Tausif said 'kubool hai' (I accept) through the video call.