The report of a BJP MLA from Thane, Narendra Mehta, who gifted his wife Suman, a ₹5.5 crore saffron Lamborghini on her birthday has created quite a buzz on social media, after reports claimed that wife crashed the car into an autorickshaw.


The Mira-Bhayander MLA on August 27 surprised his wife by gifting her the Lamborghini. However, when the MLA's wife took the car for a spin, she crashed it into an autorickshaw, Hindustan Times reported.


The HT report citing eyewitnesses said that the car lost control while Suman was trying to take a turn and rammed into an autorickshaw.


The BJP MLA later paid up for the damages and hence no case was filed by the local police.


Mehta, however, has played down incident.  “My wife has 18 years of experience and has driven an Audi and other imported cars. The car just touched front of the auto and it was not damaged. Road side mechanics cannot repair the car, which is currently parked in school premises,” HT quoted him as saying.


The MLA's wife Suman on Tuesday, posted a few pictures of the car and said that the  incident was being hyped. She even called it a "rumour." 


However, a video of the incident has made it online and is being shared widely.

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