Bengaluru: While Congress and JD(S) are claiming that BJP was involved in horse trading and poached their MLAs which led to the collapse of the coalition government in Karnataka, one of the disqualified MLA claims he was given Rs 1,000 crore by chief minister BS Yediyurappa.

As BJP and opposition leaders are at loggerheads over Yediyurappa’s alleged audio tape, Narayan Gowda claimed that he was given Rs 1,000 crore fund for developmental work in Krishnarajpet constituency.

While speaking to his supporters Narayan Gowda said, “Someone came to me and took me to BS Yediyurappa’s residence at 5 in the morning. When I entered his house, Yediyurappa was busy with morning prayers. Later, he asked me to sit and told me that he wants to become the chief minister again.

“I asked for Rs 700 crore budget for the development of Krishnarajpet constituency but he (Yediyurappa) said he’ll give me Rs 300 crore more and will give me a total of Rs 1,000 crore. Later he gave me Rs 1,000 crore. Shouldn’t I support such a great person, I did it right. Narayan Gowda made this statement right after chief minister BS Yediyurappa said they had nothing to do with disqualified MLAs.

Narayan Gowda also added to his claims that another disqualified JD(S) MLA made a statement in Mandya that he supported the BJP government for the release of development funds for his constituency.

However, BJP spokesperson Tejaswini Gowda refuted to Narayan Gowda’s claims and said the party was in no need to allot money to any MLA.

Tejaswini said, “As far as development is concerned BSY has always released funds for it. BSY is such a good leader that he releases development funds whenever asked even if MLA is from the opposition.  Maybe his (Narayan Gowda) claims are false. We were 8 seats lesser to form the government and hence we sat in the opposition. Why would BJP give them Rs 1,000 crore to join the party? We do not have anything to do with their resignations. I think Narayan Gowda has misunderstood the situation.”