The exit polls show a positive trend for the Mahaghatbandan. Do you believe this projection? 

The exit polls results are just about there. But we have toured all over (Bihar). We have seen people's emotion and have seen their alertness. Even before the exit polls, people have given a mandate against Nitish Kumar government. We were hopeful from the beginning. 


How many seats do you think the alliance will get? 

I tell you we are comfortable, we will form the government. 


Will there be any consensus on CM candidate Tejasvi Yadav? Why do you think your the alliance will win? 

No no. The Congress remains firm on the stand it has taken. It's too early. The BJP has realised that one cannot cheat the public for too long.


What was main issue that you think may have swung things in Mahaghatbandan favour?

NDA's government with Nitish Kumar's Janata Dal-United did not work on their promises. This was one of the agenda.


It is clear that LJP chief Chiran Paswan decision to go alone has cost the NDA in Bihar 

In politics, all this keeps happening. When someone fights, someone else benefits and someone may lose. We cannot guage now. It is difficult tell now. But one thing is sure. Like he (Chirag Paswan) moved out from their alliance, few members from our alliance too left before polls. 

Mahaghatbandan's CM face Tejashwi Yadav has promised 10 lakh jobs. Do you think this is possible in 5 years? 

This is too early for us to say. Let the result come out. The government should be formed. There are 5 lakh existing vacancies. The remaining will be done when we come to power. We are firm. Whatever is there in the manifesto will definitely be implemented.