The Bihar BJP unit has used 30,000 stickers related to Sushant Singh Rajput to attract more eyeballs.

The stickers come with the caption "Na Bhoole Hain Na Bhoolne Denge".

It is reported that Varun Kumar Singh, state coordinator, BJP Kala Sanskriti Manch so far managed to print 30,000 stickers and posters and 30,000 face masks. Reports state that the process started in July.

"We have been using these as part of a movement to seek justice for the late actor who died in Mumbai," Singh was quoted as saying.

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The leader, reportedly, justified his act by adding, "We started this movement on June 16. Being a part of BJP Kala Sanskriti Manch, I supported him. He was an artist and so am I."

The Bihar ruling coalition government JDU and BJP were pitching for a CBI probe and also expressed satisfaction when the Supreme Court directed the Maharashtra government to hand over the case to the CBI.

The family of Sushant suspects foul play in the late actor's untimely death.