One of the lead actress’ of the most popular Hindi serial Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain has come out in the open about the sexual  harassment she has been facing for quite some time. She filed a FIR with Naigaon Police Station in Mumbai.


The actress has stated in her complaint that Sanjay touched her inappropriately and her firm no made him angry. She has stated that he had asked her to sleep with him if she wanted to continue in the serial.


She also said that he even came to her make-up room and tried to get physical with her and when she refused to co-operate, he got furious. The makeup man who saw the incident was fired the very day.


However as soon as the makeup man was fired, there were rumours that he had misbehaved with the actress, reported Hindustan Times.


Last year, the actress had left the show abruptly, and it was covered in all major media, because it was the most popular show of the time. She had said that she was being mentally tortured there. Her abrupt exit from the show had led to the producers asking her to pay Rs 12.5 crore for the losses they would incur due to her absence.


However, accused Sanjay’s wife Binaifer has refuted the charges and said that she has faith in the legal system and belief in her husband. “I do not want to give her (the actress) any more attention,” she was reported as saying to the Hindustan Times.


It is shocking that the actresses are still seen as just the glamour quotient and are subjected to sexual harassment now and then. Recently, a popular Malayalam actress was sexually assaulted in Kerala. Currently, the culprit has been arrested and is in the jail.


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