A Bengaluru woman on Monday was allegedly harassed by an Ola cab driver who refused to take her home and forced her to smoke a cigarette in his cab.


The woman had booked a cab from Vittal Mallya road and was going to Hebbal. According to her, initially everything was casual about the ride but soon after they reached Hebbal Flyover the driver started asking her extremely uncomfortable questions. Questions like ‘Do you drink? Are you a housewife? How come you are out so late?’ left the passenger scared and horrified.


As reported by Deccan Chronicle, he then said that he is only 25-years-old and she can't be much older. “I was beyond stumped. He missed two left turns and ultimately turned only at the signal when I threatened him that I would call my friends and inform the police. Scared as to what was happening, I messaged my mother (who was not in town) and a friend and sent them the cab details,” she told DC


But the torture didn’t stop there. While she kept begging him to take her home, he suddenly stopped the car near Mariampalya and locked her inside the vehicle. He then bought two cigarettes and asked her to smoke one. “I kept the cigarette in my hand and gave him directions and finally when I reached my house, I asked him to stop but he drove a little ahead,” she said.


He then made her give him five stars for the ride and even took her number. She gave in to his demands as it was an isolated street and she just wanted to get back home at the earliest. Things went out of hand when she received a Whatsapp message from the driver the next day.


When she approached Ola to complain about the notorious driver, the spokesperson from the company gave her the usual response they have been giving to the cab victims all these years- “We regret the inconvenience caused to you. Our safety team will suspend the driver and will reach out to you immediately.” But they never got back to her. 


Time and again city cops have been telling people to inform the police immediately when they come across such incidents. Only then they can take strict action against these drivers and get their driving license cancelled.