Before the assembly elections in the state, there is a situation of war on social media. From politicians to stars, everyone is debating on various issues. This time, veteran politician and former Tripura and Meghalaya Governor Tathagata Roy and actress Sayani Ghosh have got involved in a war of words. Tathagata Roy is also a BJP leader. Both of them started a controversial debate on Twitter.

The incident started with the speech of the guest speaker Sayani on a Bengali channel. Talking about the political situation in West Bengal, she said, "The way the slogan Joy Sriram has been turned into a war cry is very wrong. In addition, it does not fall into Bengali culture. The name of God should be said with love.”

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After that, a netizen attacked Sayani Ghosh on Twitter. He claims that the actress has forgotten about the partition. He also reminded her about the 'crime' of the Muslims during partition. That's where the tweet war started. 

Veteran politician Tathagata Roy also attacked Sayani on Twitter. Tagging the actress, he writes, “I think people like Sayani are stupid.” He also added the leftist people of Bengal to that list. “Needless to say. Let them (Muslims) kill some Hindus and rape girls. Whether crores of Hindus are homeless, beggars on the way. They are also human beings,” Tathagata gave an example of such a dialogue. Tathagata wants to say that the 'secularists' have taught everything to 'them'.


Getting to know about Tathagata Roy’s statement, Sayani said, “I had no acquaintance with the verdict of Tathagata Roy. But suddenly he started tagging me and talking about my 'type'. It is important to answer this. It became clear to me at what level they wanted to go down.”

“Tathagata Roy claimed that after calculating the number of Hindus who died during the partition, those who are now threatening the Muslims with 'Marab' will actually make 'Gandhi Colony' into 'Godse Colony'. I think that they have forgotten about 'Hinduism' while doing 'Hinduism'. Seeing the misery of the people of the country, it is understood that they are not doing anything for the welfare of the people, “she added.

The battle over who is 'Bengali' and who is 'non-Bengali' has been going on for a long time. The extent of this issue is also being considered as one of the issues to be considered in the forthcoming assembly elections. This time the politician and actress got involved in the argument.  In fact, the war has gone beyond the realm of merit to the personal level. Tathagata did not like Sayani's tendency to write Bengali in English (which is called 'Roman' in terminology). He referred to her writing as 'Abol Tabol'. 

However, Saini responded to his tweet by writing Bangla in English letters. "Things like yours are not really desirable for the people of West Bengal," the actress wrote, frustrated by the former governor of Tripura's 'social and mental narrowness'.