Union Home Minister has slammed those behind the controversy over the Tanishq advertisement that showed an inter-faith couple. 

In an interview to television news channel CNN News18, Shah said that such 'over-activism' was avoidable.

"Such small attacks on India's social harmony cannot break it. This fabric is very strong. It has withstood many attacks. The British tried it; even the Congress tried it. But it is unbreakable. I believe there should be no over-activism of any kind," Shah said.

Jewellery brand Tanishq's viral advertisement showed a Hindu woman married into a Muslim family and ready for her baby shower. Her in-laws are shown to have gone to great lengths to make their daughter-in-law feel comfortable -- by performing Hindu rituals.

The advertisement led to outrage among a large section who called for the brand to be banned and the advertisement to be dropped. #BoycottTanishq also trended on Twitter. Tanishq later pulled the advertisement after few of its employees received death threats.