From an exorbitant price on tickets to ignoring the 7 am show norm, the theatres are doing everything to cash in on the craze. 

Check this. In Urvashi – a single screen theatre – near Lalbagh, tickets are priced at a whopping Rs 600 for the balcony or platinum seats, way more than the neighbouring states, Chennai and Hyderabad where tickets are priced at Rs 120 and Rs 150, respectively in single screens. In Chennai and Hyderabad multiplexes, tickets are priced at Rs 220 and Rs 250, respectively. As bizarre as it may sound, the lowest ticket price in Urvashi alone is Rs 500 and Rs 400! Clearly, 'Baahubali 2' is winning in Karnataka than in Hyderabad, considering it’s a Telugu movie. 

In Bengaluru alone, the movie will be shown in 116 screens in at least 200 theatres where tickets have been sold out through advance booking, reports Kannada Prabha. The number is expected to rise by Friday. What more, to cash in on the craze, the first show in Bengaluru is at 4 am in Urvashi theatre, while movie shows begin post 7 am in Chennai and Hyderabad. 

When the pro-Kannada organisations had threatened to halt the movie’s release, majority of the distributors in Karnataka had backed out from buying the rights of the movies, reports Kannada Prabha. Arka Media Works, the producers of Baahubali 2, had demanded Rs 45 crore from Karnataka distributors. But the ban threat and government announcing Rs 200 cap on multiplexes, the distributors were hesitant to buy the rights, earlier. But now, Baahubali 2 producers are releasing the movie with local distributor Vasuprada Combines throughout Karnataka, reports Kannada Prabha

But if at all the government implements the Rs 200 cap on tickets in multiplexes by Thursday, the theatres which have advanced booking may make moolah in the initial days, but they are going to suffer in the later days, it is said. When Baahubali 1 was released in Karnataka, it had made a business of Rs 33 crore. Will ‘Baahubali 2’ be able to sway Karnataka, only time will tell.