Bengaluru: Radhika Pandit has just turned 35 on Thursday (March 7). With Yash busy in shooting for KGF 2, she celebrated her birthday with her three-month-old daughter at her grandmother's house in Goa.

Yash and Radhika got married in December 2016. They are the most popular star couple of Kannada film industry. With the success of KGF, Yash and Radhika are considered one of the power couples of Indian film industry.

Their love story is like a movie. As Yash puts it, "We were meant to be together." Here are five factors why Yash and Radhika decided they were meant to be in each other's lives.

1) First meeting — not a good impression

Yash and Radhika both met on the sets of Nandagokula serial in 2004. They had to share the same cab and Radhika did not even talk to him as she thought he had a lot of attitude. And Yash thought the same about Radhika as she was not even being friendly for courtesy.

2) Coincidences

Radhika was acting opposite another person in the serial Nandagokula. But soon, he was replaced by Yash. The same thing repeated when Radhika was acting in her debut movie (according to release date) Moggina Manasu. Yash replaced another actor to bag the lead role opposite Radhika. Then after some years when Yash was acting in Yograj Bhat directed movie Drama, Radhika replaced the heroine and the couple acted together again.

3) Friendship

Over the years both became close to each other and were thickest of friends. Yash thought Radhika as the one who made Yash realise that he had a softer side and made him realise his strengths. Radhika considered Yash as his best friend in the film industry, with whom she can be herself and doesn't have to act at all.

4) The proposal

After being in love for quite some years, on Valentine's Day in 2000, Yash packed Radhika's favourite things in a basket and kept it inside her car. This is said to be the first step towards his proposal. Yash is then said to have proposed to her over the phone and that Radhika took six months to say 'yes' for marriage.

5) Families not surprised

Yash had been her best friend for a very long time and Radhika's family was not surprised as they knew him quite well and knew Radhika's equation with him. Whereas Yash took Radhika home to introduce her to his parents on the day of Varamahalakshmi festival, he had never got any girl home and the parents knew instantly what the matter was.

The couple got married in December 2016 and has a three-month-old daughter.

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