Yash and Radhika Pandit are the happiest couple in Sandalwood with the continuing success of KGF and the arrival of their daughter. Yash and Radhika became parents on December 2. Radhika has reportedly said that the naming ceremony will take place when their daughter is five months old.

Earlier, social media was abuzz with rumours stating that the couple will name their daughter Yashika. Turns out that this was just the fans wished for, as the name includes first three letters of Yash's name and last three letters of Radhika's name.

The reality is however that the child has not been named yet. If they have decided on a name, they sure have been mum about it. The couple have decided to take some more time before having the naming ceremony.

According to a media report, Radhika said that the baby’s name is definitely not Yashika. Though this might have disappointed a few fans who thought of cleverly fusing the couple’s names together, this also provides fans the opportunity to pitch in with more ideas in the hopes that their suggestion would match the actual choice of Yash and Radhika

Radhika had reportedly said that the naming ceremony will be held after their daughter turns 5 months old. Thus, two more months and we are sure to see fans suggest their favourite names to the power couple of Kannada film industry.