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When Bollywood diva Rekha regretted not having children

We travel down memory lane to an interview of Rekha with Filmfare in 1984, when the actor had said that she wants to have children, but she would never have one out of wedlock

When Bollywood diva Rekha regretted not having children
BANGALORE, First Published Dec 11, 2019, 2:02 PM IST
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Bollywood diva Rekha is one of the actresses whose personal life has always been a topic of speculation.

She has always been able to maintain mystery when it comes to her personal life. It just doesn’t seem to fade away, mainly because of her alleged relationship with Amitabh Bachchan, Vinod Mehra and many others. Rekha wearing sindoor without being married was one of the heavily discussed topics in Bollywood.

In an interview with Filmfare in 1984, Rekha had said that she wants to have children, but she would never have one out of wedlock.

Here is what she said, "My fantasy is to have lots of children. I hope it doesn't remain a fantasy. My mother always tells me to have a child by the time I'm 30. I think it's right. I want my children to grow with me physically. I don't think there will be a communication gap because I'm very forward. I think 100 years in advance."

She also added, "I enjoy the privacy of my home. But I want the emptiness of my houses to be filled with children. Just imagine, children running up the stairs. But I am determined not to have only two children, 12 minimum."


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In 1984, she stated, "I regret not being married, not having children. I see my friends, all younger than me, married with children, visually acha lagta hai. I'd love my children to be Librans. You know I used to love being a Libran. But I met this Libran whom I loved even more."

"A woman is not complete without being a mother. But what guarantee is there that if I were to marry the man I love today, we would have children. There might be something wrong with you. One must be satisfied with what one has. I am very traditional. I just cannot think of having a child outside marriage. I am very old-fashioned. Maybe, I will change my mind tomorrow. It is a woman's prerogative to keep changing," Rekha emphasised.

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